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Tokyo driving school (TDS) provides theory and practical driving lessons in English in Tokyo. Obtaining a driver’s license in Japan is very complicated and time consuming. Our lessons which are all in English are cheap, flexible and customized. We do have one on one lessons to suit your life style.

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Our multilingual/multicultural trainers would guide you through the process and procedure in obtaining Japanese driver’s license. We will offer a short orientation that includes evaluation test to determine where to begin. It is very important to master specific skills required to pass the driving test. Even for someone who has good driving skills, it’s important to know those skills, the sequence and how you would be evaluated in the test.

Although the written test can be taken in English it is most likely none of the staff at the test center speak English. That along can add some stress to your test. Coupled with application forms and other documentation in Japanese Tokyo Driving School (TDS) would support and make the whole process stress free as possible. We would accompany you to the text side if desire.

That is one of the reasons among others why you need our services. Our experienced, friendly and native English-speaking team would support you from start to finish. Contact us for your estimate.
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