Practical driving lessons

We provide driving lessons after converting your license to Japanese or planning to drive with International license in Japan. It is important to follow traffic rules in Japan which can be different from your home country.
Not knowing the rules can land you in trouble.
Practice with us on the general roads, high ways and motorways to be confident in driving on different types of road. You can practice with us on how to use different types of parking space, gasoline stands, entering and using the highways.
What to do in times of traffic accident? when you have trouble with your car? It can be tricky in Japan as the system is different from our home countries. We will answer any questions you may have. You can master the traffic rules with us on your way to work, school, shopping or picking the kids from school.

Foreigner’s registration card
Over 18 years
Valid Japanese license or International license
No admission or consultation fee


8,250 yen per lesson of 45 minutes. (Minimum lesson of 2)

Please make a reservation by booking an appointment before visiting our office. Thank you

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